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What it for business?


Usually it is business with notable monopolies on it. Possibilities to have such business which at anybody is not present open, and there is a possibility to head the whole movement in rabbit breeding, to base the market segment and in general to influence all branch. It is possible thanks to lacks of other kinds of industrial and house rabbit breeding, plus the know-how presence, allowing to build a leading position in the market. The wide arsenal of inventions, медотов constructions of activity and extremely qualitative end-product - eko-krolchatina, and also a humane, non-polluting way of the maintenance and cultivation of rabbits promotes this all.BUSINESS ON ECO - RABBIT BREEDING


What does the buyer of business do?


·    Delivers on the market, starts in a course ready economy of rabbit breeding ecologically favorable on environment, industrial or house scale.

·    Makes or imports from the seller and sells the special equipment which does not have analogues in the world on influence on protection of rabbits from various diseases and forming maximum health at animals giving the humane and ecologically favorable approach to all processes of technology of cultivation and the maintenance.

·    Sells technology, the design documentation how to make the equipment of 15 degrees of protection of rabbits giving not less from existing problems in branch.

·    Licenses economy on a way and conditions of cultivation of rabbits according to technology of eko-rabbit breeding.

·    Sells live rabbits from a network created by it (the buyer of business) economy

·    Advises economy and gives the information.


How many the buyer of this business can earn?


We can speak only about the achievements in Ukraine, in the country with слаборазвитой economy, business and solvency the company and the population.

For some years it is sold ready economy not less than 30 at the price $11 000. In this segment of sales it is received nearby $330 000. In the USA where больший and requirement in эко technologies no less than a cult of consumption of a non-polluting product many times over the higher, also it will be fair to consider the market that expected sales will be much more above than at us in the country.


It has been sold more than 400 units of equipment in average cost $1000 that has made not less than $400 000. Also it has been sold the design documentation about 200 units at the price $1000 that makes $200 000. It has been sold on intermediary operations about 1000 goals of rabbits on which it is earned on $20 that is equal $20 000. Also paid consultations and services, intermediary incomes on sale of manure and skins of rabbits have been made. Total it is received nearby $950 000, or nearby $190 000 in a year. However such sales have been made in very bad conditions of the market as in Ukraine ecological movement is not appreciated, humanity of cultivation and the maintenance of animals, and solvent possibilities of the population and corporations утрудняли больший scope in this business are lowest. For the inquiry, pension in Ukraine nearby $110, and municipal accounts can be and more than this sum.


Proceeding from the told


And having the valid approbation, theme test in practice of Ukraine, relying on experience and the help of our company, the buyer of such business has very good chances to repeat our success and at the best level!


How many there is a business?

Cost of business with monopolies on 2 state of USA - $25 000. In case of requirement of the general licence for business all over the country - cost - $350 000.


What does the buyer of business receive from us?


·    Technology of eko-rabbit breeding

·    The Design documentation

·    The Technique of construction of activity

·    The Training video data on process of manufacture of the equipment

·    Consulting support of construction of business


For separate payment departure of experts for training (the theme accustoms is better) or arrival to us on such training is possible.


Procedure of relations


The contract consists. The seller fulfils the duties taken on in a current of 3 months. This time is necessary that was transfer of technology, the design documentation and the necessary literature is written and made.


It is important to know


In the world there are not enough chances to catch business which has no competitive environment. At you such chance is. We will be glad to cooperation with you, we are interested in a recognition of our workings out in the world and we will try that also you became our follower, it will be quite good advertising for ourselves.




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